Dear Customer:

At IECH Fertility Center (Medistock, S.A.P.I. de C.V.) we set at your disposal our privacy notice so that you know the type of personal data that we will request, the purposes for which we will use it, and the security measures with which we will protect it. Thus, we seek to preserve your privacy and maintain the reliability standards that you expect from us when making purchases online. We publish this privacy notice in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter “the Law”) and other provisions on the matter.

Throughout the document, “IECH” refers to our companies—Instituto para el Estudio de la Concepción Humana S.C. and Medistock, S.A.P.I. de C.V.—and “notice” refers to this privacy notice.

IECH is located at Lic. José Benítez 2186, interiors 11 and 1, Colonia Obispado, Monterrey, N.L., C.P. 64060, and is the company responsible for collecting, managing (“handling”), and safeguarding the personal data (“PD”) and sensitive personal data (“SPD”) that you provide us freely and spontaneously at any time and through any means of communication.

At IECH we commercialize over-the-counter products and medicines that contribute to fertility treatments. We will handle your PDs and SPDs every time you buy any of the products offered on our website,, or wish to make a medical appointment with sister companies of our group.

  1. I. What are the PD and SPD we will handle?
  • The PD we will handle are the following: full name, physical address, email, landline and cell phone number, date of birth, marital status, identity and contact data on social media (if any), and location data for product delivery.
  • We will also handle all or some of the following SPD: tax ID, billing information, internet browsing habits, and various data to create your online consumer profile.

We will collect all your PD when you enter them on our website or when you send them through our social media pages. Remember that the management of your PD on social networks is governed by the policies of each platform and the privacy settings you have chosen for your user profile. We will only handle the PD that you clearly share with us through those channels, such as your comments, messages, or answers to our questionnaires and surveys.

  1. II. What will we use your PD for?

We will handle your PD and SPD, as necessary, to: (i) identify you; (ii) create a profile on our website; (iii) quote any of our products and send you information about them; (iv) contact you; (v) confirm the purchases you make with us at any stage of the process; (vi) connect you with authorized platforms to make a payment for your purchases (see “Online Purchases” section) or to request any service of our sister companies; (vii) keep a record of your purchase history; (viii) send you the products to the requested location using any shipping method you have authorized, whether internal or specifically hired for that purpose; (ix) prepare and send the receipts and invoices of your purchases; (x) carry out the returns that apply; (xi) conduct satisfaction and service surveys, among others; (xii) manage the medical appointments you request through our website with our subsidiary company in charge of this service; and (xiii) all activities regarding and related to purchases made to IECH.

We may also handle your PD and SPD to: a) add you to our contact lists and send invitations to events held by IECH or its affiliates; b) build your customer profile; and c) grant the service of long-distance consultation by own means or contacting you with one of our subsidiaries.

  1. III. Online Purchases

Through our website,, you can access the catalog of products we have for sale, even if you do not have an active user profile with us.  Your visit to the site and registering in it will allow us to collect and analyze some of the dissociated information generated by said visit to offer you products that fit your needs. In this way, we seek to improve your shopping experience on our website.

We invite you to read this notice so that you know how we will use your personal data.  Reading and accepting our privacy notice is a requirement for you to make any purchase on our website.

Consider that you will always have the option to deny your consent regarding the use of your PD for purposes other than those directly related to the purchase of our products.

When you pay online, our portal will take you to the platform of one of our partner companies for them to provide the corresponding service.  These “gateways,” as they are known, are authorized to provide their services in Mexico and will collect the necessary SPD to process your payment, such as your credit card number, personal identification number, and expiration date. 

IECH will never have access to the SPD that gateways request. We will make sure that these companies comply with the terms and conditions that govern their relationship with us. We will also ensure that they have an adequate policy regarding data protection and robust security measures that guarantee the protection and confidentiality of your information.  At IECH we will do our best to supervise the actions of these partners and avoid the misuse of your personal data.

We suggest that you always check the privacy notices of gateways. Since they are not IECH companies, they may have privacy policies that are different from ours. In any case, you will always have the option to make payments directly to our account via wire transfer.

For the shipment of your products, we will hire specialized shipping companies and we will only share the identity and product reception data that you have provided to us.

  1. IV. PD Referral

Several individuals and companies will help us handle your information according to our instructions.  This activity is known as “PD referral” and we have the right to carry it out without your consent.  We will document these services and PD referrals with our suppliers. In addition, we will ensure that all our suppliers—such as gateways and courier companies—have security measures equal to or greater than those required by Mexican law and those of IECH.

  1. V. Will we transfer our customers’ PD to third parties?

We will not transfer your PD to companies or institutions unconnected to IECH, our business group or our managers, except in cases stipulated by the law. If we need to transfer your PD for any other reason, we will always request your consent in advance. In this notice we will include a box for you to approve or reject such data transfers.

  1.   VI. Security Measures and PD Management System

At IECH we do everything in our power to protect the integrity of your PD: we implement physical, administrative and technical security measures to protect all your information.

We will create our personal data management system in the terms established by the Law and its regulations, and we will share it with you as soon as possible.

  1. VII.Cookies, Computation in the “Cloud” and Indirect Data Analysis

f you visit our website,, or are our online customer, we inform you that our platform is designed in a way that enables you to navigate and make your purchases with us safely.

To make our site friendly and make sure you receive simple and useful information, we use various tools, codes, programs and platforms. Among these tools are “cookies,” which are stored on your device to make browsing on our portal more efficient. Cookies are files that also identify the device from which the user is accessing the website as well as their browsing behavior. You can limit cookies by changing your privacy preferences on your browser.

If you reject cookies, you may experience slowness while browsing our website. The portal’s functionality may also be limited.

In addition to cookies, we can visualize and analyze other types of disassociated information generated by your browsing, such as the IP address of the device from which you access our portal and the websites you visit immediately before and after. These elements are known as “metadata”—data about other data—and are not considered PD under Mexican law, because, in themselves, they are not linked to your identity. However, we will treat metadata as PD and will follow the best standards, since other countries have different criteria.

We will only analyze the metadata generated by your activity on our portal to obtain statistics about website visits using Google Analytics. At no time will we obtain, directly or indirectly, your PD from these metadata.

Consider that you will always have the option to deny your consent regarding the use of your PD for purposes other than those directly related to the purchase of our products.

You can prevent these tools from analyzing and monitoring your behavior on the internet ("profiling") if you choose the “anonymous” mode in your browser.

We host your PD in private “clouds”. When we hire cloud computing services, we will do so to store information that only we or our managers will handle. At IECH we will only contract cloud services from formally established suppliers that follow processes and have controls for PD protection as good or better than ours. They must also guarantee that they will provide us with the service according to our instructions.

VIII. Exercise of ARCO Rights

You, as the owner of your PD and SPD, may exercise your access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights (known as “ARCO rights”) regarding the PD you have provided us. To do this, you must send your request to the following email address:

The request must contain the following: (i) your name and mailing address or an email address to send our response; (ii) documents that prove your identity as the owner of PD or, where appropriate, that of your legal representative; (iii) clear and precise description of the PD and/or SPD in relation to which you seek to exercise any of the aforementioned rights; (iv) any other element or document that facilitates the process of finding your PD; and (v) changes to be if the request is for PD rectification. Once IECH has received the duly integrated request, it will share its resolution with the data owner within a maximum period of 20 (twenty) business days, counted from the date on which the request was received. If the request is applicable, it will be carried out within 15 (fifteen) business days following the date on which its applicability was communicated to the data owner. The aforementioned deadlines may be extended on one occasion if IECH deems it necessary. These procedures will have no cost to you.

Likewise, you may revoke at any time the consent you have previously granted IECH for the handling of your PD and/or SPD, as well as limit their use or disclosure. To do this, you must send an email to the address mentioned in the paragraph regarding the exercise of ARCO rights. The procedures to revoke or limit the use or disclosure of PD shall follow the same rules that apply to the exercise of ARCO rights. The form on which you have given us your initial consent must serve as a basis.

At IECH we will use all the means at our disposal to share with you this privacy notice in a timely manner so that you can issue your consent or, where appropriate, restrict the handling of your information to varying degrees.

At IECH we reserve the right to make, at any time, changes or updates to this privacy notice to improve the way in which we treat your PD or when, for business reasons or legal provisions, we are required to do so. We will publish the duly updated notice on our website.

Notice date:  September 1, 2018

This privacy notice is issued based on articles 8, 15, 16, 33 and 36 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties; articles 11, 14, 23, 30, 40, 41 and 90 of its Regulations; as well as other provisions in the matter. If you consider that your right to the protection of personal data has been injured by any conduct, act or response of IECH, or if you presume that the handling of your personal data violates the provisions stipulated in the aforementioned laws, you may file the corresponding complaint or report before the INAI. Visit for more