Do you want to start a family, but have not been able to achieve pregnancy?


Do you want to start a family, but have not been able to achieve pregnancy?


Success Stories

My husband and I are a couple from Saltillo, Coahuila, where different doctors and gynecologists gave us various treatments that were ultimately unsuccessful. As time went by, many people recommended the #IECH center, and especially Dr. Pedro Galache. We did some research and learned that he had managed to help women with different pathologies get pregnant.

Our friends and family also shared with us success stories regarding assisted reproduction and encouraged us to get in touch with IECH. No assessment was as special as that of Dr. Pedro Galache.

The best appointment of our lives

"I approached the IECH Fertility Center because, after almost four years of marriage, I could not get pregnant. A friend suggested I go see Dr. Pablo Díaz, who analyzed my case and found that I had polycystic ovarian problems and cysts. I thought the treatment would be very expensive, but I wanted a baby so much that I didn't care and decided to pursue the adventure of being a mom. I thank God and Dr. Pablo Díaz Spíndola for never leaving me during my process. He was always positive and helpful, and explained and resolved my doubts at all times. He is an excellent doctor and human being. I highly recommend him."

Doy gracias a Dios y al Dr. Pablo Díaz Spíndola por nunca dejarme durante mi proceso, pues siempre se mostró positivo, servicial y explicó y resolvió todas mis dudas en todo momento.”

I achieved a pregnancy!

Today is one of those days that, had it not been for IECH, would have gone unnoticed. A year ago, I was depressed, felt fearful, and had great pain in my soul. However, on that day, God put Dr. Ashanti Aguilar on my path.

I will never forget that, as I told her everything I had been through in my struggle to have a baby, she simply listened to me. As soon as I finished speaking, she stood up and walked towards me to give me what I needed most at that moment: a big hug. The hug not only served to calm the anxiety, frustration and sadness I felt at the time. Her hug was also filled with understanding, empathy, and much hope. From then on, thanks to her, I began to have faith again.

My doctor is an angel

Our story begins a year after we got married. My husband and I had already visited different gynecologists who simply did not know how to help us. The last one was the one who told us we should pay a visit to the IECH Fertility Center. That's how our IECH story began. We went to our first appointment, where we met Dr. Iram Obeso. He guided us, step by step, and took care of us at all times. After three years trying to reach a seemingly impossible goal, we achieved a pregnancy. The doctor was also on the lookout throughout the process, which concluded with the birth of our first daughter. Three years later, we returned with Dr. Iram at IECH to have another baby; we were successful on the first try. Today, with immense joy and pride, we are an IECH family of four members. We will be eternally grateful to Dr. Iram Obeso and the entire staff at the Center.

We have two IECH children

Medical specialists who treat you with love

Those who treat infertility in the couple are gynecologists with a specialty in the Biology of Human Reproduction. At IECH Fertility Center we work with experienced medical specialists who have helped thousands of couples achieve the dream of parenthood.

Dr. Ashanti E. Aguilar Melgar

Fertility Preservation Program Coordinator

Dr. Sergio Alberto Dávila Garza

Clinical Andrology Program Coordinator

Dr. Pablo Diaz Spíndola

Associate Professor of the Subspecialty of Reproductive Biology

Dr. Pedro Galache Vega

Founding Partner

Dr. José Iram Obeso Montoya

Medical Director of the IECH System

Dr. Julio C. Rosales de León

Head of Teaching and Research

Dr. Roberto Santos Haliscak

Founding Partner

Lic. Gabriela Tapia


Certifications and Alliances

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